Monday, January 27, 2014

Trade Shows Call For High-Quality Vinyl Banners

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Trade shows are a great time to spread brand awareness, but it is important to plan accordingly to design a high-quality trade show booth.

Despite the lulls of the recession, businesses across many industries continued to attend local, regional and national trade shows year after year. The value of meeting potential colleagues and competition can be of great use to companies. Whether your organization is fairly new or a veteran to the market, it is pertinent to come prepared with your trade show booth materials, which should include vinyl banners.


Despite the lulls of the recession, businesses across many industries continued to attend local, regional and national trade shows year after year. The value of meeting potential colleagues and competition can be of great use to companies. Whether your organization is fairly new or a veteran to the market, it is pertinent to come prepared with your trade show booth materials, which should include vinyl banners.

Because each trade show comes with a cost, business owners who make the choice to be an exhibitor at these gatherings need to make the most out of their budgets. Before developing a trade show marketing strategy, consider the following:
  • Purpose of the trade show: Before taking the plunge to rent a trade show booth, create goals for this marketing space. Will your staff demonstrate how your products are used or is the booth intended to be an open meeting place for other attendees? A clear motive for attending the event can make the ultimate difference, possibly saving the organization thousands of dollars. "There really has to be a why [behind attending a trade show]," CEO of trade show management company Exhib-it D.J. Heckes told Entrepreneur Magazine.
  • Location of the booth: Companies should be prepared for any situation, especially if their trade show space is located next to a larger company or well-known competitor. Larger foot traffic toward their display may appear disadvantageous, but the use of effective banners and similar marketing tools can pan out in a startup's favor. Michael Brody-Waite of InQuicker, a health technology business, found that in his experience, working with "flashier" booths allowed him to make the most of the traffic because less effort is spent luring guests toward your booth. However, entrepreneurs who go with this approach should prepare accordingly.
  • Budget for the trade show: Depending on how far the trade show is from your organization, there are other costs that should be taken into account. Aside from the registration fee and the rental for the trade show booth, what else will the company need?  How will the trade show's materials will be transported to the destination? For example, if the trade show's venue doesn't allow certain trade show displays or the space does not have enough poles to hold up the vinyl banner, the price to deliver these items overnight can quickly add up. "Going to Orlando is totally different animal than going to San Francisco, Chicago and other union-driven convention centers," Maureen Burke told the source.
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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

How To Maximize The Advantage Of Banner Advertising

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Regardless if a company has been in the industry for decades or is fairly new to the scene, it is pertinent that businesses have an eye-catching banner.

Outdoor advertising methods are some of the earliest forms of marketing in the industry and they have proven to be valuable to businesses of all sizes because it is hard to ignore a message that leverages "simplicity, humor, surprise" as well as a great story, as the Outdoor Advertising Association of America explained. 

Banners can be found in multiple places. Whether it be on somewhere as small as a bus bench, where it has the potential to grab the attention of 35,000 to 50,000 onlookers per day, or a billboard along a popular highway, these custom displays continue to play a role in the adverting market because they have proven their keep.

Banner Advertising

Regardless if a company has been in the industry for decades or is fairly new to the scene, it is pertinent that businesses have an eye-catching banner. If it is done poorly on the first try, it is unlikely that the customer will give you another chance.

"Your sign should be sufficiently bright and conspicuous to attract attention and sufficiently informative to let prospective customers know what's sold there," Entrepreneur Magazine writes.

This can be achieved with a powerful and vibrant vinyl banner. Businesses that may not have extensive marketing experience may want to provide blocks of text or multiple image on a single banner, but it is important to keep it simple. Marketing Profs contributor Kim Stearns offers insight on how organizations should make the most out of their banners Because onlookers spend an average of three seconds looking at banner, it is important that each moment counts. This can achieved a few different ways.
  1. Balance of text and images - The message should be loud and clear. Whether that is reinforced with the graphic or the text, these two pieces of the banner need to bounce off one another in order to "speak to the viewer."
  2. Keep it simple - This sounds a lot more difficult than it really is. Often times, we spend too much time explaining a recent event, but banners don't allow that type of time. The theme of the banner should be clear.
  3. Use less words - Stearns recommends limiting a message to eight words, but this largely depends on the type of banner your business is using. Remember to think about tips number one and two.
Banner advertising has the potential to make a lasting impression, it just takes meticulous planning first. BannerBuzz can help companies that want to expand their reach with a thought-provoking custom banner.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Why Banner Stands are the Preferred Choice of Your Marketing Campaign?

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Custom banners are a great way to grab a person's attention from afar, but without the necessary tools to support them, the marketing effort can fall flat. When businesses think of banners, they immediately think about the vinyl banners that is spread across a local storefront. However, this is not the case because banners come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

These more compact, vertical banners can provide the same benefits that its larger counterparts can because they are also printed on durable vinyl, yet at the same time, they can be much easier to travel with through the support of a banner stand. Banner Stands are easy to assemble, making them more versatile to use for outdoor markets, trade shows and corporate events.

The sooner businesses set up their booth, the quicker they can start building professional connections, the Exhibition Business explained.

Exhibition Business feels that "[n]o exhibition is complete without proper displays," which means that it is not enough to just use a banner stand to hold up your display—find a banner stand that makes your custom banner stand out in the sea of many others. There are many to choose from, but here's a few to consider.

Korean Style X Banner Stands

Korean Style X Banner Stands
The design of this banner stand allows the banner to "pop" out because the beams are supporting the sign from all four corners and in the dead center. This banner stand is a no gimmick, space-friendly way to expose your brand to others.

Rotating Banner Stands

Rotating Banner Stands
This type has even more potential to grab an onlooker's attention because the functionality can reach out to others from multiple directions. Having a 360 degree view makes it easier to find others at an exhibition or outdoor event. Businesses that consider using a rotating banner stand must remember that the item runs on electricity, which means that a reliable power source has to be nearby.

Retractable Banner Stands
Retractable Banner Stands
One of the more commonly used banner stands, these make it easy for businesses because the design of the product can safely store the custom banner without tears or creases. All people have to do is pull up the banner all the way and it is ready for daily use.

Backdrop Stands

Back Drop Curve
Not looking to use too much space, but you want to promote your business at the convention? Consider backdrop stands, as they allow printing on both sides without the fuss of a vinyl banner. They are light-weight with durable beams, which means the banner stand will be set up in no time!

Bamboo Banner Stands
Bamboo Mini L banner stands
Bamboo Roll Up Stands
Bamboo X banner stands
Green businesses can increase brand visibility with bamboo banner stands. They are just as durable as the aluminum banner stands and equally as functional. Sustainable organizations can choose a banner stand that is retractable or the Korean X banner stand.

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

How Custom Vinyl Banners Can Boost your Promotion

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Promotional activities are a must if you are planning to launch a new business. It is a great idea to get an outdoor vinyl banner for your product or service. It not only attracts eyeballs but also boosts sales easily and quickly. It is not only enough to get an outdoor vinyl banner, it is equally important to have it in a way that boosts the campaign and gets you the maximum benefits. So make sure you follow these pointers before you go ahead with a banner for your business.

Vinyl Banners
The three best places to have your outdoor vinyl banners are: high-traffic intersections, busy shopping districts and places your target customer base is known to frequent. Don’t have a vinyl banner inside a mall or a shopping complex as that will expose it to a limited number of people. The problem with most banner marketing campaigns is that they don’t incorporate strategic placement to get the most targeted views, and thus don’t generate the highest return on investment. So instead of having your outdoor banners are sports events or concerts, have them at places where people don’t have anything else to look at, so they would surely observe your banners.

Follow these steps to start your business campaign with vinyl banners
Start your campaign with a time limited offer for your customers. Design and print a vinyl custom banners talking about the same in an attractive manner. Place these banners on the busiest crossroads in your city and also outside the shopping complexes. Know your target audience and place the banners at the places they are known to frequent. Observe the results of the advertisement and record the sales and conclude which areas yielded the best results. In the nest month or the next promotional campaign, make sure to have a vinyl banner on the location which yielded the best results.

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Friday, August 23, 2013

BannerBuzz now recognized as a Google Trusted Store

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BannerBuzz, an online vinyl banner superstore offering high-quality customized products at wholesale prices, was recently selected to join the Google Trusted Stores program. As a result, BannerBuzz now displays the Google Trusted Store badge on its website. This badge is awarded to e-commerce sites that demonstrate a proven track record of reliable on-time shipping and excellent customer service, so that shoppers can buy with confidence.
Google Trusted Stores
By hovering over the Google Trusted Store badge, BannerBuzz customers can see metrics demonstrating the store’s shipping and customer service performance. This helps BannerBuzz customers know they are buying from a store that provides a consistently positive shopping experience.

As a Google Trusted Store, BannerBuzz customers now also have the option of selecting free purchase protection from Google. Then, if a problem arises with their purchase, they can request Google’s help, and Google will work with BannerBuzz and the customer to address the issue. As part of this benefit, Google offers up to $1,000 in lifetime purchase protection for eligible purchases.

The Google Trusted Stores program not only benefits BannerBuzz customers, it will also help BannerBuzz attract new customers, increase sales and differentiate itself from its competitors, which are goals BannerBuzz has always sought to achieve. In fact, the BannerBuzz vision is to be the supplier of choice for online banners by generating the highest customer satisfaction through quality workmanship at the lowest prices.

BannerBuzz, now in its fourth year, draws from its parent company’s 20-plus years of print shop experience. BannerBuzz is widely known for its customized vinyl banners, created by on-staff professional designers, using durable materials and cutting-edge printing processes. But the company also offers the capabilities to meet a wide array of other signage needs including vinyl lettering, vinyl decals for windows and automobiles, perforated window signs allowing one-way vision, yard signs and more.

The company prides itself on being able to meet these needs quickly. Banners are generally printed 24 to 48 hours after the proof is approved.

Because BannerBuzz deals in such large volumes, it is able to offer a 100-percent price guarantee. If customers can find a better published price, BannerBuzz will not only match the price, they will take an additional 10 percent off the order.

It is this commitment to customer satisfaction that has earned BannerBuzz the distinction of being a Google Trusted Store. To find out more about BannerBuzz, visit

See the video below for more details on the program:

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